5.0 01 NHA TRANG FOOD WITHOUT ANYTHING! History, culture, scenery, cuisine … is always the goal of the trip. And when it comes to Nha Trang, where can converge the attraction nowhere. Today we learn about Nha Trang cuisine and the same dishes that Nha Trang City only has nowhere. See the TOP 5 delicacies […]

How to choose a tour in Nha Trang?

5.0 01 FACTS TOURISM EVENTS Hello friends, now Let’s Fly Travel will give you the most overview of the tour in Nha Trang and will help you choose the most suitable tour. I. Factors to help you choose the tour 1. Location In Nha Trang, you will have two options: sea island or explore the […]

Binh Ba Travel – Cam Ranh City

0.0 00 CAM RANH CITY Cam Ranh city is the second largest city of Khanh Hoa after Nha Trang city. Cam Ranh tourism is also very new, there are many things for visitors to explore here. On the journey to Cam Ranh, visitors should visit Bai Dai. Bai Dai beach about 25km, located between Cam […]

Best Time To Travel And Visit Vietnam Last Part 2

0.0 00 Best Time To Travel And Visit Vietnam Last Part 2 Thank you very much for your reading last post today Let’s Fly will lead to to other traveling time of Vietnam JUNE – EARLY SEPTEMBER You have to know it interesting, learning that Vietnamese hardly travel solo – increasingly in friends and mostly family […]